Wholesale Distributors

Wholesale distributors have many concerns that Carbonic Heat Technologies addresses.

As solutions, and designed to optimize pull-through demand from your customer base. The program offers a range of support venues that are designed and intended to provide your company and affiliates with the highest standard of services:

  1. Promote: Customer loyalty and retention
  2. Provide a secondary profit center and increase sales volume
  3. Engage a superior Technical Edge: Enterprise-level software as a service that connects your clients to their clients, at the core provides easy product layouts, proven CRM, and Inventory interaction.
  4. Flooring Layout tools in an easy-to-use computer application, industry automation at its best. Easy to use intuitive application completely software-driven, quote and display flooring, graphically, integrated price tools, and stellar print option proposals integration with CRM, pull through for inventory availability and ordering.
  5. A proven Point-of-Sale presence plants the seeds to create and meet the need
  6. Professional Sales Training
  7. Professional application/installation training
  8. Inventory Stocking modules, for parts, stocking retailers
  9. Quick restocking and Drop-Ship programs
  10. Just-in-Time Inventory Controls
  11. Factory Training available to staff, and to your customers
  12. Superior Factory Customer Service Support: Live – Online and Telephone support, Troubleshooting in-person technical and installation support direct and virtually.
  13. Technical Manuals that are easy to understand, and video tutorials.
    Engaging Roll-Out Team, Event Planning – Incentive programs that engage and compel
  14. Variety of Point of Sale Collateral Pieces, Banners, Free Standing Displays, and practical stocking product displays.
  15. Designer support material for Architects/Engineers in the product specification
    Interactive: If you have a good idea, we listen. We encourage your feedback to better your experience.